Selling Property Advice

In today’s market there are many reasons why a house sits or stagnates. Many houses sell on the market, however there are always properties that remain unsold for long periods of time resulting in displeased clients. The following points give you an insight into why this could happen.

  • Price
    This is by far the most common reason of where problems begin. Vendors (and in a lot of cases), other Agents have overestimated the value of the property.  Consider that every property on the market at the same time your property is on the market, is in direct competition with you.  The land size, number of bedrooms and position to shops and transport will directly affect the selling price of your property.  The reality is, if you over price your property, it just won’t sell.  When determining the asking price of your property, it is important that you have an accurate appraisal of your home and not an over-inflated one.
  • Your Real Estate Agent
    You need to have a good relationship with your Sales Representative.  It needs to be open and with lots of communication. Your Encore Property Group Sales Representative is a trained negotiator to ensure they get the most from the buyers.
  • Marketing
    Quality photography, the right internet sites and the description needs to attract the likely target market.
  • Location
    This is one of the most important considerations when selling a home or buying a home. If your house is backing onto a major roadway or high tension power lines, the price is likely to be effected.
  • Presentation
    If your carpets need to be replaced, if you have holes in your walls, if your lawn is never cut, if your home has been heavily smoked in, these issues will affect the selling price.