Selling Property Advice

In today’s market there are many reasons why a house sits or stagnates. Many houses sell on the market, however there are always properties that remain unsold for long periods of time resulting in displeased clients. The following points give you an insight into why this could happen.

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Home Open Check List

The day before


  • Try to prevent any nasty odors (pets, smoking, cooking).  Airing the house thoroughly can help.
  • Remove clutter from cupboards. This will maximize the appeal of your storage space. Read more ...
Check list - moving property

Selling or buying property - moving advice

There is so much to do when you’re moving house. Here’s a list of some of the most important tasks.

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We have included a selling checklist to make the process a smooth one.

Choose a local real estate agent.
Encore Property Group is an independently owned real estate businesses, with the team who know their local areas and know the people who make up the community.  Encore Property Group offer amazing local insight into the areas.  When you choose to work with Encore Property Group, you receive the individual attention and caring of a dedicated team.

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