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Case Study 1

Encore Property took over the management of a property in Parmelia that had previously been managed by the owner.


The tenants had been on a private agreement (not a lease), had only paid one week’s rent as a bond and were constantly causing issues for the landlord. In this case, the tenants were not looking after the property, were consistently in arrears, they were unresponsive to requests for payment and never allowed access for an inspection.


The landlord took our professional advice and agreed to a notice of termination being issued. We got the tenant out, cleaned the property up with the bond and did an insurance claim for damages and loss of rent.

Upon signing of the Management Authority with Encore Property, we obtained the remaining 3 weeks owed of the bond and completed a routine inspection to ensure the property was being well maintained and looked after by the tenants (which it was not). 

We have moved one of our existing tenants into the property, got an increase in rent for the owner as he wasn’t aware of what the market was doing. 


The tenants have made the property a comfortable home and are extremely happy. The owner receives rents on time and the property is looked after.


Do not rent privately if you don’t know what you are doing

Rental Services Reviews

Client's Review
Encore has been really great being with them over the 3 years. Very nice understanding and easy to get along ...
Gail Lewis · 2 months ago
Client's Review
Great customer service. Would recommend them. Having trouble with your rental they are on to it.
Rahui Elmsly · 3 months ago