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Purple Brick Alternative
Thinking of using Purple Bricks? 

For those who see traditional agents as being too expensive, PURPLE BRICKS appear as a great answer to their property dealing. However, this is not without its risks and drawbacks.

Purple Bricks offers $4500 set price service and it's true, this is much cheaper than selling with a traditional real estate agent.

Encore Property Group can offer you an alternative that gives you more options and costss you even less! 

Before you read about our offer let us examine what Purple Bricks offer is and what model of selling properties they are using.

Please keep in mind a few important points for you:

  1. Homeowners should consider how much money they end up with at the end of the sales process, rather than hiring agents based on the sales fee.
  2. Good agents can definitely add value through the sales process to the selling price with good negotiation skills. The results will do the talking, no point saving $$$$  in commission if you sell your house for let say $30,000 less!
  3. OUR COMMISSION IS BASED ON PRICE SOLD - it is in our common interest to sell your house at the best possible price! It is that simple! THAT CAN MEAN THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS MORE THAN OTHERWISE WOULD BE POSSIBLE.

Some statistics courtesy of

" Purple Bricks states that it has over 10,000 positive reviews but these stats are from the UK, not Australia.  Jefferies, the Global investment bank, went further and recently questioned PB’s sales figures.  Their report suggesting that some listings waited for over six months without a sale. Meanwhile, the report traced successful listings being as low as 14%. With Purple Bricks service a fraction of the cost (upfront cost of $4,500), there may be a sacrifice in quality. For those who see traditional agents as being too expensive, hybrid management services such as these may be an answer. However, this is not without its risks and drawbacks."