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You want to make sure once you're in Perth, that the suburb you choose to live in can give you everything you expect and more,right?

Researching the best place to live or invest in is a time-consuming process. You should learn everything about the suburb that could impact on your investment or future life. At Encore Property Group we believe real people tell their stories and their experiences telling good or bad will help you to make informed decision.

We try to make that decision easier for you by providing you real people reviews about Byford.

We invite people to share their experiences and opinion about Byford to help others to know your area, know bad and good.

Love it or hate it, tell us about Byford lifestyle!

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The best suburb in Perth
3 years ago.
I just started to live in Byford and love it being close to nature. It feels sometimes like living in a country town. There are plenty of new developments. There are plenty of rural properties there. There are schools and medical services and with Armadale is just down the road you will have access to major shopping. Peaceful and relaxing area! Highly recommend!
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