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We invite public to write own experiences and share own opinion what they think about lifestyle and Wellard neighbourhood. People like to hear about your opinion, so let them to know about everyday life in your area.

  • How long have you lived in Wellard?
  • How often do you see your neighbors?
  • Are the people friendly in Wellard?
  • What you love or dislike about Wellard?

If you are just information seeking, feel free to ask questions what would interest you. What things that you would want to know if you were moving to a new suburb/city? If you live in Wellard we would like you to share with our users your opinion.


Tell us why you like or dislike living in Wellard.

Love it or hate it, tell us about Wellard lifestyle!



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Affordable suburb in Perth!
2 years ago.
I like living in Wellard - it is very quiet and family friendly yet very affordable. Not far from shopping centre and Train Station. I would highly recommend for first home buyers and for young families
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Wellard Reviews
3 years ago.
What I like about Wellard is that is central to everything!
And I really love every second week going to Willage Market in Wellard. What a lovely Sunday morning activity for the whole family! Kids love it. Live band music, food, awesome handmade crafts from local products, homemade jam, pickles. It feels like living in small country town but so close everywhere else. Train station ! yes it is important when you travel to work every morning. Well there are also a bit of bad news there.....but you can find these in Facebook group winning people. I believe that any place can be good or bad.
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Wellard Reviews
3 years ago.
I have purchase my first home here and loving the place already. Wellard neighbours are mostly great and sociable. Wellard train station is a walk away , a huge shopping center close and the freeway connects me to city and South within minutes.
Safety is good. Great beautiful suburb with most houses keep tidy. Would recommend this area to friends to live and purchase a home...love it.
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