Beyond your expectations - house and land packages

House and land packages have been very popular with investors in Western Australia.  Because the property is new, buyers can claim maximum depreciation benefits for investors. At the same time, half the property you are buying is generally land value so there is the potential for capital growth based on rising land values moving forward.

However land and house packages are great also for everyone!

Buying a house and land together as a package makes moving into your new home more affordable – and most importantly faster.  House and land packages offer affordability for first-home buyers and convenience for upgraders and empty-nesters and huge savings for investors.

 For Investors

Some very attractive features  include:

  1. increased deductible tax benefits,
  2. offsets available as well as significant stamp duty savings.

In addition, new homes also come with a builder’s warranty which minimizes maintenance costs.

Many investors are now buying house and land packages in Perth and they are helping to drive these growing number of new home builds.

  1. Stamp duty savings
  2. Choose your block and design
  3. Brand new homes attract better tenants 
  4. Depreciation and tax benefits
  5. No maintenance  

Of course when considering any investment you must also look at the location, surrounding infrastructure, employment and growth of the region to ensure that it will make good long term investment. New homes in well-located areas also have the added benefit of being very attractive to tenants and attract higher calibre of tenant.

For First Home Buyers, upgraders, downgraders:

A lot of people aren’t aware of it, that there are a lot of benefits in home and land packages in Perth.

  1. Cost effective
  2. Customised to your needs
  3. Cutting-edge technologies

The main advantage is better financing and the flexibility!

Position of packages

Buying property at Treeby Park as a "land/home" package, offers the buyer some big advantages:

All available land for sale in Anketell

To download the price list you will be asked to fill in the form with your details.

To download the price list you will be asked to fill in the form with your details.

About Treeby Park Packages

The focus of land and house packages is to provide a complete end-to-end solution to buyers and investors.

Treeby Park developers team is committed to providing you with
a bespoke
, professional services for every aspect in development process.